Vaping In The West

The culture of vaping started in the West. It started in the US. Presently, vaping is becoming popular in UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, and other countries.

China is one of the countries with many smokers. The popularity of vaping in China can make many Chinese to shift from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, which are safer and affordable.

The concept of vaping was the idea of an American by the name Herbert A. Gilbert. He patented the first e-cig in 1965. This invention was ahead of its time. Commercialization of this concept happened in 2001.

Vaping is Great Hobby

A subculture of vaping fanatics is arising. These people view vaping as a hobby. According to a 2014 review, these are the unpaid evangelists of vaping. You will find them discussing vaping issues on online forums and Facebook groups. According to a 2014 Postgraduate Medical Journal, there are many vaping fanatics who usually tweet and blog about electronic cigarettes.

Hobbyists usually attend vaping meetings. These meetings normally focus on electronic cigarettes and the lifestyle that accompanies them.

There are e-cig users who normally customize their products to produce large amounts of vapor, a practice called cloud chasing. Vaping fanatics usually appreciate the Vaporfi discount. Vaporfi is a major e-cigarette brand.

Vaping has social appeal. That is because, unlike cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not leave a bad smell on the clothes. In addition, they do not cause bad breath. Cigarettes can make you develop oral conditions that can result in foul breath.

Vaping leaves an amazing taste in the mouth. There are more than 7,000 flavors. The most popular is the apple pie flavor. Those who want a cigar-like flavor can choose the menthol flavor.

Vaping Is Attractive Because There Is No Risk of Passive Smoking

A study by the World Health Organization indicates that passive smoking kills over 600,000 people every year. With vaping, there is no risk of passive smoking. That is why most airlines and entertainment joints normally allow e-cigs.

The Bottom-Line

E-cigs are 95% safer than cigarettes, according to Public Health England. Vaping is an affordable habit. It can cost you as little as $1,000 in a year. With a Vaporfi discount, you will pay less for Vaporfi products.